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As you know, when searching for that new pair of work boots or safety shoes durability, protection, and comfort are prime concerns. Sometimes its not so easy to find footwear that incorporates these features into one pair of boots. We've searched the net and found the best places to find work boots and safety shoes that meet these demanding requirements.

Depending on your occupation there are several options for choosing the right pair of work boots. You may only require some safety shoes. (Think of these as a "lite" version of workboots.) These are usually fall in the category of half boot, half shoe with special protection features and come in more casual styles. On the other hand if your work is on the extreme side the benefits of some high quality work boots are indispensable.

Steel toe work boots offer unmatched protection when it comes to potentially hazardous work environments. The steel toe comes in various dimensions, so this is something to take into consideration when selecting the right pair for your profession. Steel toes can also be found in many safety shoes. Many workboots have compound oil resistant soles which provide another type of crucial injury protection.

Work Boots - durability, protection, and comfort

Durability is probably what most of us think about when looking for work boots and safety shoes. Leather and rubber are two options that give different types of protection. Rubber boots are generally used for extremely wet and muddy conditions, but some are also made of specially formulated compounds that are designed for chemically hazardous work environments. Leather on the other hand is known best for its ability to hold up under all other conditions. Weatherproofing and conditioning your leather workboots or safety shoes can really lengthen the life of the boots and give added protection from the elements for your feet. If you are unsure about which brand or style to choose, your company policy may have some guidelines that comply with the OSHA code of regulations that will help to narrow your choices.

One of the most important factors in finding the right work boots is comfort. Brands like Wolverine, Justin, Redwing boots Worx boots, and others offer incredible comfort that make those long hours on your feet seem short. With features like multiple layer padded insoles, padded collars, and Gore-Tex layers that keep your feet dry inside and out, you can't go wrong with the boots we've found!

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